Makro Pointer PinPointer Metal Detector Review

Makro Pointer PinPointer Metal DetectorThis is a metal detector pinpointer that you definitely want to lay your hands on. It has been rated as the best in the market and it comes with features that will help make the specific localization of your metal detector an easier and fun exercise. Its waterproof nature makes it deal to be used both on land as well as underwater. It gets even better as it has stated to have met the IP67 waterproof standard. You could also get to your metal target much faster with the help the 360 degrees detection tip of this pointer. The Makro Pointer will aid you in your efforts to get to the metal target quite easily and a quicker manner. You could additionally flip this pinpointer horizontally in order for you to scan a large area.

Easy to Use

This device can be quite convenient for you as you can adjust the sensitivity control in order to attain maximum performance regardless of the environment you are in. The adjustment can be possible with changes being made to the +/- buttons. This device also has a powerful LED flashlight which can be of great help while metal hunting in areas that are poorly lit. The alert options that come with Makro pointer are the audio, vibration which could be used independently or you could choose to use both alerts.

Unique Operation

This metal detector pinpointer is unique as its magnetic transmission is immediately disconnected when it switched off. This reduces the chances of interference in the case other metal detectors will be nearby. You will thus not detect the Makro pointer when searching with another metal detector.

To spice it all this metal detector pinpointer also comes with a replaceable hard-shell case. There are thus two hard-shell cases, the first being a standard protection tip while the second is quite similar to the first one but it also features a built-in scraping blade. This will see to it that the tip is well secured to reduce on the wear and tear while it’s being used.

Great Warranty

This 2 year warranty product will also come with a belt holster, a 9 Volt Alkaline battery, an instructional manual, a carrying pouch and a finds bag.

Best Cheap metal detector?


If you have been thinking about getting a metal detector, but also want to save on money, there are metal detectors you can buy which are not too expensive. You will also get the same functions as the more expensive metal detectors and get value for your money.

The best cheap metal detector is the Fisher F2

This metal detector is not very expensive and it can detect treasures and metals that are commonly found in ball fields and most beaches. This metal detector has a lot of features that are amazing despite of its price and status.

Who can buy this?

Anyone who wants to search for metal, treasure, gold, and silver pieces can buy this product. This one can detect metals which are hidden deep. This is enough for anyone who wants to easily find what they need.

About this product

This one has 8 segments which can easily visualize the target. This will discriminate easily between trash and valuable material. The 2 numeric option will tell you if it has found a coin or trash.

The features

This can be brought to beaches and ball fields. This metal detector is waterproof so you can take this even underwater when you want to explore. The notch system can reject or accept a target category that you want to set.

What you’ll love about it

This product has a lot of great features that you will enjoy and find useful. Its price is neither low nor too high for a beginner because his metal detector is made with very good quality materials and has features that are perfect for any metal detecting activity. What’s so great about this is that you can take it underwater with you that some metal detectors can’t do. You will not find it hard to use this for you activities because it is very easy to detect whether you have found a treasure or trash. Its discriminating features will do this for you. For almost any situation, this is the metal detector you’ll need.

What’s not so great about it?

This metal detector cannot be taken hiking with you because of its size and it is not very easy to store. The weight is not also very light which is why you need consider other options if you are looking for a light weight metal detector.  You also cannot set the discrimination patterns in this metal detector.


If you are looking for a metal detector that is both and reasonably priced, this is what you must get. If you are looking for a metal detector for more extensive and extreme activities, you must consider other options. This metal detector is easy and fun to use, but it’s not as sensitive as the others in the market. The materials used for this metal detector are of high quality so you will not have to worry about it being broken soon. This can also be bought online and you can find other reviews to help you further about this product.



Best Metal Detector for Kids

Kids also want to explore and gave fun with finding metal pieces hidden in places and the heavy metal detectors are not ideal for kids especially if they are long as well. Knowing the best kind of metal for your kids is important because it will also help them become more educated about treasure hunting.

The best metal detector for kids is the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

This is the best metal detector for kids and it one of the most popular. Its size is made specifically for kids and it is light in weight. It has a target meter indicator which can measure the strength of the signal and the volume increases as you become closer to the target. This also comes with a control which discriminates iron and other unnecessary pieces. It comes with a limited 1-year warranty and the measurements are 10 x 9 x 57 inches. It comprises of only 2 knobs (eliminator and sensitivity).

If you want to buy a metal detector for a child below 8 years old, this is the best one because it is very easy to use and it is not too complex for any young child. All they have to do is turn the knob until they hear a clicking sound and then start searching. The eliminator knob is for setting the discrimination towards other unwanted objects. The screen will make a beeping sound to tell the child that he/she has found something.

Where can it be used?

This metal detector is perfect for searching in your own backyard, a park that they love going to, or when you take them to the beach with you. You can teach them by getting a few coins and bury it under soil or sand and ask them to use their metal detector.

What is the advantage of this metal detector from others?

This metal detector is functional and not very expensive. If you compare the price of this metal detector with others, it is competitive and it has the same functions as other metal detectors which are more expensive. This has adjustability function and sensitivity discrimination. it was made primarily for kids because the shaft is short and it is very easy for them to carry.

Where can this be bought?

It is very easy to purchase this online and in almost any store which sells metal detectors. With a lot of positive customer reviews has been seen in best metal detector lists, this is the best on you can buy. If your child is older than 8, you can consider other options. The kind of fun your child will get from this metal detector is irreplaceable so it is for sure worth buying for them. It will also last them for a reasonable time because it comes with a 1 year warranty. The Bounty Hunter brand has been making great metal detectors for years and the quality of their products are reliable as well.


What is the Best Metal Detector in 2015?

Of course any manufacturer will tell you that their metal detector is the best and for any striving brand, they want to gain popularity as fast as possible. This isn’t a bad thing because that’s how any business would start, but if you are looking for something that is already established in making metal detectors, there is of course the Garrett Ace 250. Garrett is really a company has been making metal detectors for any situation.

What makes this the best metal detector in 2015?

It is not overly expensive and it can be used by both the amateur and the experienced in using metal detectors. It also has every feature you are looking for in a metal detector. Garrett has been making metal detectors for years. You will see their products being used in almost any security and treasure hunting situation.

What are the features?

It is light weight making it easy to just pick up and go. It will electronically detect any target precisely and it is able to accept or reject discrimination patterns. The five-search mode it has will allow you to have pre-settings or you can create your own. This also determines the exact depth of the target with its continuous coin depth indicator and it will also tell you if it is becoming low on battery. The search coils are interchangeable and the target ID legend can easily be expanded making it easy to read. The pushbutton controls can be operated by a single touch. The search modes include jewelry, custom, all metal, coins, pinpoint, and relics.

Other features include 3-piece easy to store for traveling and it disassembles to only 24”, the arm cuff is completely adjustable, and a headphone jack.

This item comes with a 2-year warranty and the frequency is 6.5 kHz. Its weight is only 2.7 lbs. making it easy to carry and it has 4 audio tones.

The drawbacks

You need to adjust it manually for ground balancing and the sensitivity of the machine needs to be turned down in other areas.

Overall this is the best metal detector in the market. Not only is it easy to use, but it can be used by anyone who wants to buy a metal detector. It’s just not ideal for using in areas near water or underwater because it is not waterproof. This is perfect for any outdoor activity and you won’t have to worry about taking it with you in some extreme activities because it is light weight and easy to store. If you are looking for the best metal detector you can read some good metal detector reviews over at

Taking time to find out the best one for you is a must when buying these kinds of things because it is important that you will be used it in your activities. This product will also not hurt the wallet because it is not overly expensive and will give you the features that you want. Once you have bought this product, you will no longer look for other metal detectors that you can use for outdoor activities accept near or underwater.


Handheld Security Metal Detector

Handheld metal detectors for security are very convenient and easy to take with you in any tight situation. Especially now that more and more people are threatened by today’s criminals, they want to be assured that they are secure when they are in a certain public place.

What are the best handheld security metal detectors?

The most popular brand for handheld metal detectors is Garrett because of the functions their metal detectors have. You will be assured that no criminal will escape your security. It is also important that the metal detector can be used even in water, at night, under low light, and discrete when it has found something. It should have a silent indicator so that your personnel will have tactical advantage.

What to look for

A good handheld metal detector should be highly sensitive, made with rugged material, waterproof, and easy to carry. It also depends on the place where you are going to use it and if it will be a crowded area. Most metal detectors are capable of being used continuously and all you need is to replace the batteries when it is already losing power. You can also buy an optional rechargeable battery that comes with it if there is a chance that you might lose battery supplies. If you will be using for a night club or any noisy establishment, get one that has a LED light indicator so your personnel will notice if the LED light is showing signs of threat or with a vibrating feature in case they do notice the LED light indicator. You can learn more about them

How to use one

The good handheld metal detectors are pretty straight forward and do not need any adjustment. Find one that has automatic tuning so you do not need to set the frequency manually. You must also have your personnel properly trained on how to use them which is really easy.

Where to buy them

They are easy to find and you can even buy them online, but the best thing to do is to visit the store itself to get a feel of the object and check its specs. Even if what you are seeing is a popular brand, it does not necessarily that it is the one you must get. It will also depend on the type of place you will use it for. If you will be near water, you should consider one that is waterproof and highly sensitive. If you will need it for a security mission, pick the one that is light in weight and not too big to avoid inconvenience.

Handheld metal detectors are very easy to use and you will see them in almost any place you enter. Security is a very important thing that every person must be assured of so pick wisely and do not compromise the quality for the price. If you fail to secure your area, you will also be threatened and could be killed. Criminals are lurking everyday so make sure that you are not becoming vulnerable to them.



Handheld Metal Detector Review

Handheld metal detectors lets you search for any threat that a person may me carrying and if you do not want to get noticed that you have detected something which a person is carrying, you can opt for the vibrating metal detector or the one that comes with earphones. This gives tour team more room to plan and strike down the suspect and you won’t cause too much scandal as well.

Handheld Metal Detector Review

The Garrett THD Tactical Handheld- Metal Detector with Holster is one of the best in the market. Garrett is a trusted brand for metal detectors and it is the one being used worldwide today. This metal detector is super sensitive and it does not any adjustment.

This handheld metal detector tracks down non-ferrous and ferrous weapons made of stainless steel, contraband, or other objects made of metal. It responds very quickly and it has a silent operation red LED light indicator and vibrates when it has found something which allows the person to have a tactical advantage while performing their duties. This detector is also ideal even more for night or low light use because there is a flashlight at the tip. If the light is Green it means that the unit is on and becomes Amber if you already need to change the battery.

What is it built for?

This metal detector is made of ABS plastic which can handle even heavy law enforcement situations. It is completely waterproof and the handle is made with slip-free rugged material. This has a fill 360 protection which means that it detects without limits. The holster is made with a weave belt allowing you to easily hang it on your belt or a patrol car. The battery is also very easy to replace.


It is the most compact and rugged detector offering 360 degrees protection and a silent vibrating alarm. It is the metal detector used for almost any kind of business establishment.

This metal detector is very sensitive, accurate, 4-inch length 360 degrees detection area, not needing adjustment, silent vibrating indicator with LED light, very easy to use even under low light or at night, and waterproof. A drop test was also done and nothing was damaged to show its durability and quality. The battery cover is also very easy to turn on or off and it comes with an optional rechargeable battery kit. It operates in 90 kHz frequency with automatic tuning. It can operate under temperatures between -35 degrees F to -158oF.


This is the best metal detector in the market and it will catch anything that might become a threat to you. Spending on a good metal detector is the way to go if you want to keep your place safe. The Garrett THD Tactical handheld-metal detector is not only easy to use, but will not be looking for any other metal detector after using this one. For any security situation, this will be perfect for you. It id waterproof, light, can be used under low light or at night and highly sensitive.

Finding the Best Metal Detector

If you are new to metal detecting and don’t know yet which is the best one to get, you can consider some factors that a metal should have in order to buy one that is good for you. Choosing a metal detector can be tricky because a lot are really being manufactured today.

How to find the best metal detector

Where will you search?

Not all metal detectors are built for any environmental situation. Think about where you will be searching. There metal detectors built for the beach, under water, heavy terrains, for hikers, divers, serious treasure, etc. It is important that you know where you are going to search so you can choose wisely.

Who else will use it?

Given the fact that you will be using it, which else is most likely to use the metal detector. If you will teach your kid or someone who is not capable of carrying something heavy, get one that is light weight. There are good metal detectors that are not too heavy.

Will I need a meter id?

Meter ids are not necessary and can sometimes even cause confusion and false identification. They are not also very useful for finding targets and may even cause you to lose some.

How much am I willing to spend?

A good one always comes with a warranty even if they can be quite expensive. You also need to buy headphones because sometimes you need to search in loud places and you need yto hear what your metal detector is telling you.

Are dealers biased?

Of course they will try to sell their own products to you so it is important that you already know which model and what specs you are really looking for. If it is possible, already have the brand you want in mind.

How deep can it search?

This is a question that is very hard to answer because a coin in air at least 13” would equate to 8” under the soil. The size will also matter because even if an object is bigger, it will only tell you about its ground coverage. And some detectors are better at finding smaller targets compared to bigger ones. Check if the machine is working excellent in soil because it will most likely work great in soil and not the other way around.

Are forums good for getting advice?

No because people who participate in forums also have different needs as you when it comes to metal detectors. What works best for them may not work for you.

You should choose one that is the most appropriate for where you will use it and what the conditions will be. 3D LCD screens are also available for metal detectors which will give you a better image and idea of what it has found. It will also tell you if it is worth it to go digging in that specific spot. Metal detectors are made differently so make sure that you are not going to listen to biased opinions who are only trying to sell their product.